Our core mission – to make quality household products accessible to everyone!

More than 17 years TM Aurora successfully presents wide products lines in small domestic appliances and cookware in emerging markets




This event occurred at the edge of the millennium. The founder of the brand AURORA was a native of the countries of the former USSR, a young and energetic man who dreamed of improving the lives of his compatriots and giving them the opportunity to use high-quality household appliances. During this period, the concept of the brand, its mission and goals were formed. The brand name was chosen in honour of the goddess of the morning dawn, and the main logo symbolizing the sail – it is the desire to move towards the light and the beginning of a new day, and the people`s hopes for the better.



First models of small household appliances from the AURORA brand, a vacuum cleaner and a multicooker, were put into production as household items of the highest demand at that time. This was the beginning of the production of a wide range of small household appliances under the brand AURORA. Today, in the lineup, there are both products with exclusive design and content, produced specifically for each market, and the mass-market category.



It was decided to produce a line of dishes and kitchenware, which allowed the brand to strengthen its position, and consumers were given the opportunity to discover new brand advantages. Thanks to the start of crockery production, the brand was able to increase the number of covered segments in the sales markets and expand the geography of sales.



The crisis in the global markets of 2008-2012 has not only caused a considerable reestablishing of both organizational structure and product line of the company, but also initiated the rebranding process. Forming a modern structure of the company made it possible to open and develop divisions around the world: production is in China and international trade and design development departments are in Canada. We also have initiated preparations for the opening of warehouses and representative offices in the European Union.




AURORA trademark received official recognition in the European Union market - the products received CE conformity certificates. This was the impetus for entering the European market and marked the initiation of work with European partners as well as opening of warehouses and partner offices in the Europe.


Entry to the markets
of the former USSR countries

After a successful start of sales in the EU market, it was decided to enter the markets of the former Soviet Union. AURORA products have been certified in accordance with the requirements of the Customs Union, Ukraine and individual regional standards. AURORA appliances and crockery are sold in the markets of Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Moldova, Georgia and Azerbaijan.



The most significant events of this year can be considered the technological renewal of the brand, which implies not only the release of new modern product lines, but also the launch of B2B portal for customers; updated site design, and preparation for work with the world's largest Internet sites. As a result, AURORA technology has successfully started on such sites as Amazon and eBay.

Brand story

AURORA`s brand Mission is to give everyone the opportunity to enjoy life, spend more time with their family, loved ones and friends, spend time on their hobbies, and AURORA will take care of home and kitchen. All the appliances we produce are designed to meet the needs of our customers, and as the needs grow, we offer more and more innovative products. We follow the novelties of the market, demand in every sphere of our life and we try to satisfy every need as quickly as possible. Therefore, each new AURORA product is developed and researched from all points of view – utility, ecology, safety, accessibility for all social layers. Focusing on the consumer is an integral part of the AURORA development strategy.
After all, each of our products is the embodiment of buyers` hopes and dreams for a more comfortable and pleasant life.




We develop new markets, design development and international trade. Our specialists will help you to choose the right assortment matrix depending on the region or country, provide all necessary technical and marketing documentation.

They work closely with the company’s production unit in order to quickly and qualitatively enter the market, and to provide and maintain the appropriate assortment.

Our employees always track new trends in the market of small household appliances and tableware. This applies to both technological changes and fashion changes regarding colors, shapes or decoration parts of appliances.

Their purpose is to make the product not only reliable and convenient in operation, but also including the aesthetic component. You see our appliances every day, so its appearance is no less important than its content.


The main of our task is to ensure production, quality control of products, and the implementation of primary international logistics. AURORA includes a wide range of small appliances, tableware and accessories, designed to make all aspects of everyday life more comfortable. High quality of production is one of the most important criteria of choice of appliances by our consumer.

We select the factories on a tender basis, based on the production capacity of a factory, presence of similar projects in the past, qualification of specialists, possible production volumes, environmental friendliness of raw materials, production cost, and availability of spare parts. We have been cooperating with some manufacturers for more than 17 years and they demonstrate constant growth of production culture as well as improvement of quality standards.

The responsibility of this subdivision includes international maritime logistics, which ensures timely availability of goods at the company’s regional warehouses, as well as deliveries to the largest customers. In this sphere, our partners are the leading global operators of international maritime logistics, which gives us the opportunity to deliver goods not only quickly but also reliably and efficiently.
All our products undergo mandatory additional certification for CE (European Union), EAU (Customs Union) standards and, if necessary, for compliance with quality requirements within individual countries.

All our products are completed with warranty coupons in several languages, including English. In addition, there is always an instruction manual added, which allows the customer to use the device correctly without additional advice. Compliance with warranty conditions of operation is a guarantee of long service of each product of our brand.

The quality of products is checked at several stages: when shipped from the factory, in warehouses during loading-unloading, at reception at our central warehouses and finally – when shipping the goods to the buyer.




Nationwide specialized selling networks, regional FMCG-Networks, distributors of regional importance, and Internet sites, which cover several countries, are among our partners in the European Union for the sale of household appliances. One of the important achievements was the beginning of cooperation with the European division of Amazon. Successful entry to the European market confirmed the brand’s compliance with world quality standards.





When selecting models of goods that get into the AURORA product line, our team is guided by the principle of simplicity, functionality and safety in use.

Our product should be simple and convenient to use.

The consumer should experience positive emotions from the daily use of our appliances and utensils.

This result is achieved by constant searching, work with focus groups of both our partners and consumers.

As a result of our work today in the main product line of brand AURORA, there are two main nomenclature groups: small appliances and kitchenware and accessories.

In small household appliances the basis of assortment are the equipment for preparation of hot drinks (electric kettles, coffee-makers), appliances for heat processing of products (multucookers, toasters, microwave ovens, sandwich makers and grills), appliances for home care (irons, vacuum cleaners, steamers), body care equipment (hair-styling products, shaving and haircut kits) and climatic appliances (fans and fan heaters); in a line of tableware the greatest development got pots and pans, knives and accessories to them, teapots and kettles, thermoses and thermo mugs, and accessories for kitchen.

In each of these subcategories you can find not only models with a familiar design and color, but also exclusive models that will make your kitchen unique.

When choosing a product design, our designers always try to bring into it a «zest» that will allow you to remember our products.

For example, we cover the handles of hair dryers and handles of knives with polymer coating using “soft-touch” technology, which allows them not only to not slide in the hand-but also to lie in the hand pleasurably.

The line of stainless steel kettles with the second outer plastic casing is designed to protect you and your children from burns in case of accidental touching the body.

And the irons with the function of auto-shutdown will save your house from fire. In the cookware, except for the original design, we also try to follow the principles of functionality – in the sets of kitchen accessories we have made an additional ledge that allows you to put them on the table, without making dirty the work surface or hang them on a pan`s side.

Our team is constantly working in order to both expand the present lineup and add new popular product groups to the existing AURORA`s assortment.



Providing equal partnership on the conditions of exclusivity in individual markets or sales channels in certain regions is the basis of the brand`s commercial policy. We carry out the service warranty support of our partners. All AURORA brand products comply with the standards of the European Union, the countries of the Customs Union and individual regional standards. All technical documentation is presented in the language of the relevant market, or, at the initial stage of cooperation, in one of the languages of international communication.

Our team is always ready to support its partners with marketing materials, to assist in negotiations with key clients. On the terms of mutually beneficial partnership, AURORA participates in joint projects with partners on organization of exhibitions, launch of own regional internet-resources, carrying out of advertising companies, and assists in opening of partner offices. We are constantly looking for new markets and are open to dialogue. At the same time, it is a matter of principle for us to comply with the agreements reached on certain markets.

Production and international logistics

Aurora International Holdings Limited

Hong Kong, China